club audioprovocateur

Brian Brain – club audioprovocateur covers a vast musical range – from Jazz to Sleaze Pop, experimental sound-collages to Zappa-style Blues- & Rock pieces and fragile piano moments… And there’s not only a myriad of styles – also the instrumentation varies in a frantic, often surprising way. Performing his originals, Könighofer switches from contra alto clarinet to tenor-, alto- or soprano sax, from bass to piano. He transcends stylistic gaps and reunites various elements to a cohesive whole. Live-Loops interact with video-installations and the audience. Maybe.

Numerous musicians have joined Herbert Könighofer (vocals, guit., bass, f-flute, soprano & tenor sax, double bass clarinet, loops) in “the club” so far. Amongst them are mind-blowing audioprovocateurs such as: Hannah Eisende (vocs, piano), Philip Nykrin (piano), Geri Schuller (piano), Sid Hille (piano), Sucheta Ganguly (vocs), Cheng-Ying Chuang (vocs, lutes), Ranajit Sengupta (sarode), Sina Moser (harp), Chris Kronreif (baritone sax), Marc Osterer (trumpet), Gernot Haslauer (trombone), Tom Brüssel (guit.), Klaus Kircher (bass), Alex Hilzensauer (bass), Franz Lirsch (bass), Arno Briggman (vocs, bass), Prabir Mitra (tabla), Courtney Jones (steel pan), Peter Kronreif (drums), Andreas Lettner (drums), Christian Stolz (drums), Camillo Maique Jenny (drums), Wolfgang Rainer (drums), … and many more!

Deriving from these artistic interactions, several projects have emerged, such as: