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Satnamusic CD 191 – www.satnamusic.fi

Pre-release tour: 17th – 21st of June, 2019 – Austria

Release tour: November 2019, Finland

The first time Sid Hille met Herbert Könighofer was when Herby picked Sid up at the Salzburg railway station in autumn 2016. Three hours later they had their first concert; no rehearsals, no repertoire, no strategy – just improvisation pure, two individuals communicating with each other and with the audience through their music.

Improvisation is an art form that demands trust and fearlessness – additionally, of course, to the technical skills and a general ability to convey meaning. It’s not enough to have mastered your craft. You have to go beyond that, take risks, jump into opportunities when they offer themselves. In fact, you have to create your opportunities first, and trust your own ability and the ability of your fellow musicians to deal with whatever happens.

After the concerts, Sid often wonders where this continuous flow of ideas comes from.

The musicians have been amazed and somewhat surprised to notice the seamless communication between the three of them (with the great Markus Ketola joining them in the concert featured on the album).

The concert has been recorded live at Temppeliaukio Church in Helsinki on November, the 14th, 2018.

You can hear their love for the fearless forward motion of the music as it seems to give birth to itself.

Within this one hour, the musical journey of the Finnish and Austrian multi-instrumentalists seems to touch on all and everything, unrepeatable so, and yet in every concert again, in a different unique way.

Share that experience with the musicians and get hold of this recording – the Hille-Könighofer Experience!

The album will be available at live-concerts during the Austria tour in June and will be released in Finland in the course of their next encounter in November!



BRIAN BRAIN – club audioprovocateur: THE WEAPON IS MUSIC

bb-twim-coverThe debut album THE WEAPON IS MUSIC has dropped! Official Release: January, 26th, 2016!

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Herbert Könighofer (vocals, piano, guitar, bass, f-flute, penny whistle, soprano sax, tenor sax, double bass clarinet, loops)
Peter Kronreif (drums, percussion)
Arno Briggman (guitar, bass, keys)
Courtney Jones (steel-pan, percussions)
Marc Osterer (trumpet)
Chris Kronreif (baritone sax)
Gernot Haslauer (trombone)
Klaus Kircher (bass)
Ali Hilzensauer (6 string bass)

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